Owl herbs

O.W.L. herbs

  Hi Owl.herbs is me Yvette Elliott an old wise lady in the making.
I make natural herbal body care products created with respect for the old ways to enhance your walk upon the Earth,
 O.W.L. herbs products are made in very small batches and with much intention and focus to insure the highest quality! I pay attention to the planetary cycles and energy being infused into these products. Some of the methods I use are lunar infusions, solar infusions, astrological attention, elemental association, Reiki, flower essences and anything that feels right. I believe this attention to quality, detail and energy create an awesome product that works Really Well!                                            

May the Earth Nourish you!
             Wind Caress you!
             Fire Illuminate you!
             Rain Bless you!

                                                                                        photo by Hollie Rose